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Digital Conversion Services since 1994

At Ditto Digital we professionally convert your precious old 8mm film, video, audio, slides & photos to digital formats so you can replay them on your computer and/or smart TV.
Preserve your family memories for future generations.


Watch old home movies you haven’t seen since the projector broke down. (Don’t throw it out, we collect old gear for our technology museum:) 8mm and super 8mm film is cleaned before being digitised and saved to a Hard Drive, USB or DVD. We are specialists in Film restoration.
(Click the pink link for our ABC story.)


Ditto Digital can convert most videotape formats into digital formats. VHS, Betamax, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, VHS-C, Mini DV even Digital Betacam and 1″ C Format.
We also repair videotapes.

Camera Tapes

Bring your camera in if you have a tape stuck in it. Chances are the battery will be dead. We have the technical expertise to solve problems and save your magical moments.
Don’t throw out your old camera, we collect them to display!

Photo’s & Slides

35mm slides and photographs can be converted to digital images with our high resolution scanners. We also create slideshows for special events and presentations.
Unsure what format is best for you?
Just ask us, we are happy to help.


Audio cassettes, mini tapes, Reel to Reel can be digitised and converted to .wav files or .mp3 files onto a USB stick or to CD’s.


Up until recently, DVD was the “go to” format for storing family memories. Now we recommend storing on Hard Drives or USB Sticks. We still record to DVD as well if you prefer.
Whatever format you require, we have an affordable solution for you.
Plus: Multi DVD copy service.


After we convert your “Memories” to digital, a “Backup” is the most important thing you need to do.
Or we can do it for you.
“Technology” can fail… so you need a backup!
Ask our advice…we have extensive experience.

The Cloud

“The Cloud” probably will be the next storage method… however from personal experience it’s not there yet! Ongoing subscription fees are also a killer. (Epitomised by our Vintage Mickey Mouse with a big “Black Hole” from our collection of antiques 😉 )


This is a working vintage Sony Walkman “Mini Disc” player. Just one of many old items in our collection.
We have all sorts of rare old equipment which we restore and maintain ourselves.
Technology is our forte.

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25 Ruse St
Osborne Park WA 6017

(Just off Hutton Street)


Weekdays – About 9:30AM to 5:00PM-ish.

Call for other times.